Oil & Gas

Within the Benelux, you will not find another insurance broker that works solely for this industry. Similar activities are carried out by a few large players which, however, can be labeled as ‘generic’ brokers. For you as a Client, competition is however guaranteed.

Due to our approach as a party that wants to offer particular added value we have gained a serious position in this dynamic market.
In all modesty, we can report here that we have initiated a number of developments that can be described as unique to companies in the oil and gas industry in the insurance world.


Some examples are:


  • Setting up an instant liability insurance for self-employed workers in the oil and gas industry, in the broadest sense of the word: a policy can be applied for and issued within only one working day;
  • For a 24/7 including occupational accident insurance, the same easy and quick way to cover financial risks is available to the self-employed;
  • Travel insurance not only covering medical expenses, but also medical repatriation costs for offshore/onshore medivac operations and including 24/7 international assistance.


Finally, you found the best address for insurance support with your work in the oil & gas industry!

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