Regardless of the location, for the execution of projects for example and Construction All Risks (CAR) insurance are realized, which can be covered the following risks:


  • Loss / damage to materials intended for the performance of work
  • Loss / damage to equipment (tools) for the execution of the work
  • Damage to existing property eg the client.
  • Liability for damage resulting from the project activities

INTRAMAR team has extensive experience ensuring building and construction work, both ‘dry’ and offshore.

To hedge risks arising from the deployment of equipment we refer spike our options for insuring your equipment.


INTRAMAR can also realize customized insurance for you for transport of your equipment.


When external carriers are appointed it is quite common that only the carrier’s legal liability carrier is offered as an insurance form. In case your valuable goods are compensated for transport damage at a price of a few euros per kilo, this can lead easily to disappointments.


When transporting goods, materials etc. from your company to an offshore location, several parties are often involved including transport by road, ship, lifting, etc.


We guess that you don’t want to depend on parties that insure YOUR equipment without real control for you, as owner?


With just one phone call to INTRAMAR you are assured of expert advice.

Our team really will provide support for your project.