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LIABILITY can be met in various guises.
The most familiar form is most probably legal liability: liability arising from law. In the corporate environment can one also be faced with contractual liability when  any party is suffering loss or damage by not (entirely) fulfilling contractual demands.


Since the extent of liability and the amount of compensation are hard to value in advance, insuring liability is with round sums insured. This sum or so called the insured limit, can range from EUR 100,000 per claim  for professional liability up to EUR liabilities arising from the ownership or charter of a vessel.


To do the job, the most advanced and expensive equipment does not lead to optimal performance without the right staff. Whether for employees with a permanent contract or hired as temporary staff forces, secondment or self-employed, work in the oil & gas and offshore wind industry requires people who can handle responsibility and, last but not least people always having an eye for the safety of themselves, colleagues and the workplace.


Within the (offshore) energy industry contractors work with -either owned or hired- highly advanced equipment.
High safety standards, maximum efficiency, strict environmental requirements and last but not least extreme conditions require for the best materials.

Insuring such equipment both onshore and offshore, requires knowledge of and experience with the industry. Cover should be in place in case of hiring, rental, in remote locations, during transport, interim storage, use in war zones, etc. etc.
Based on years of experience to ensure the most diverse situations a range of policy conditions has been developed which provides cover for all the above mentioned circumstances and risks.


Like with equipment applies to vessels within the offshore industry that there is a huge variety of vessel types. Highly sophisticated vessels, specially designed and built for working on offshore installations, building and maintenance of windmill parks, laying of pipelines and cables, etc. have led to wonderful products delivered by the international shipbuilding industry.

At INTRAMAR we have the knowledge and experience to advise both Owners and Charterers of vessels and any other kind of floating objects.
We are proud to confirm that we have arranged cover for ships really sailing around the globe, from New Zealand to Venezuela and from Canada to the Far East.


In carrying out work in the energy industry the most sophisticated and high-quality materials and equipment will be used to meet specific circumstances and safety regulations.


For offshore installations and constructions the quality of all materials and equipment moreover is challenging due to the effects of weather and sea conditions.

SELF-EMPLOYED contractor, consultant, engineer, etc.

Do you work as a self-employed contractor in the (offshore) energy industry ? Do you have Clients requiring for insurance covers by contract? Do you have problems overseeing (all of the) the consequences of such requirements?


In general.. when it comes to insurance, do you find that your broker and / or your insurance company have insufficient knowledge of your working conditions and therefore it takes a lot of effort to obtain the right insurance cover?


The experienced team at INTRAMAR can provide the support you are looking for.


In case you are looking for special coverage for your projects, such as:


  • Weather Downtime Protection
  • Kidnap & Ransom insurance (reduction of deductible Construction All Risks policy)
  • Deductible Buy Back
  • Rental Equipment


Then at INTRAMAR you are assured of customization and a pragmatic approach.