Oil & Gas

INTRAMAR started in 1994 as an independent insurance broker specific to the oil- and gas industry, in the broadest sense of the word. Both companies being active in the offshore sector as  those who in particular operate onshore, we may ever since see among our loyal customers.

Within this industry, it is common practice to work with contracting/procurement conditions that are characterized by introduction of specific contractual provisions based on the knock-for-knock principle, such as mutual indemnity/hold harmless and waiver or subrogation rights.
These specific provisions require specific insurance solutions.

For many companies engaged in ‘general industries’ the oil and gas industry is an interesting area. However, working with other forms of employment and / or offshore work and / or internationally (doorklikken) works always requires adjustment of various types of insurance.

The team at INTRAMAR specializes in reducing and hedging risks in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, your question or application will always lead to our response!

Offshore wind

Since the beginning of this century we as advisers became increasingly involved in activities in the offshore wind sector. A part of our clientele, active in the offshore oil & gas industry, was particularly active in the construction of wind farms in the UK and Germany.
Later followed by the construction of wind farms off the Dutch coast.

The activities of these companies range from deployment analysis to the actual roll-out and bury of the power cables. Anno 2016 we experienced that this industry has undergone a fascinating development, both at technical and organizational level.

Are you looking for a broker with know-how of offshore energy industry?