To attract good personnel and -even more important- bind them, a solid set of employment terms is a must.


Do you realize that in general most of the staff highly appreciates if an employer offers also arrangements protecting them against financial risks of disability or death?

At INTRAMAR we have been working for more than 20 years of solutions and schemes for employees in the (offshore) energy industry, truly not the easiest industry when it comes to the perception of insurers.

So we have gained a lot of knowledge and developed opportunities for:

  • Group accident insurance: 24/7 global coverage, including war areas
  • Group travel insurance: 24/7 global coverage, including war areas and including cover for offshore/onshore medivac costs (A combination of accident and travel insurance premium benefits)
  • Kidnap & ransom insurance: during work and residing in ‘problem areas’
  • Income insurance: cover offering financial benefits for risk of disablement/dismemberment by illness or accident.


Tailor made solutions can be achieved for Third Country Nationals, too.

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