Intramar supports everyone’s right to privacy and the right of individuals to control how their personal data is used, stored and distributed. We undertake the personal information entered by users of the website Intramar protect and we comply with all relevant laws and regulations aimed at protecting the privacy of our customers.

By “Personal Information” we mean any information about identity, gender, contact information and date of birth which together or separately can identify an individual.

This policy statement reflects our principles again with respect to personal information collected through our website and used by Intramar.

Website operator

This website is owned and operated by Intramar, who also manage the data.

Data delivery

All personal data provided to Intramar be treated in accordance with all legal requirements.

You are not required to provide personal information in order to use this site, but it may be necessary for the following purposes:
• To create a client account which personal data can be edited and customized
• To set Intramar able to adequately respond to your question
• To help Intramar to improve its customer service

Transfer of Personal Data

Occasionally Intramar others turn to act for you. These third parties may need access to your personal information in order to provide the requested services. The use of other service providers is strictly controlled by Intramar. We require all other parties to use appropriate security measures to ensure that processing and use of personal data is limited to the purpose as requested by Intramar.


Intramar committed to protecting your personal information and unauthorized access and to prevent disclosure of such information. We have established procedures to safeguard all personal information we collect on behalf of our services and secure.

All personal information will be stored made available to us in a secure computing environment, protected by firewalls against unauthorized access.

Only those who are authorized can view their personal information. Intramar staff responsible for dealing with personal data protection training course and must adhere to our corporate policies and procedures related to data protection.

We make use of XYZ data encryption to ensure that information is sent from your computer is encrypted to the server, in order to prevent that it can be read during the transfer.

Rights with regard to your personal data

According to the Data Protection Act, you are entitled at any time to provide access Intramar request your personal data and to amend them and / or delete them. If you wish to make such a request, or if you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please send an email to:, or write to: Het Nieuwe Diep 34 A8, 1780 AW Den Helder