Expert advice and peace of mind

This meaning that also for activities in hig-risk areas ou can count on our expertise when it comes to limiting risks. Through our years of cooperation with 24/7 emergency centers, our global network of claims handlers and the wide range of supporting services from specialized Insurers,  one can already receive a lot of relevant information before the foreign adventure starts. It is even possible to arrange assistance of an organization that can provide mobile hospitals including medical staff.

Apart from this approach, we experience that it is not always realized that working in high-risk areas can have huge impact on the coverage of insurance. For instance a commonly used exclusion is damage/loss by war(like) actions. In brief, the bottom line is here that damage by warlike acts is excluded. Do you realize what consequences this has for insurance / your employees, but also for the security of your assets, your equipment?


INTRAMAR cooperates with many international risk carriers and parties that may support to create a sensible adventure of your international business.

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